Saturday, 10/16 – Off-Roading: Hollister Hills SVRA

Saturday, 10-16 – Off-Roading: Hollister Hills SVRA

Meeting location/time: dirt parking lot at the Vineyard Schoolhouse on Cienega Rd (this is the Upper Ranch area entrance) in Hollister.
– Link to Google map meeting location:
– We will be meeting at 8 am and leaving at around 8:30 am.
– Be sure to check in at the main gate to pay the $5 fee (free if you have the California off-highway motor vehicle day use pass) and get the gate access code.

Here’s the plan for the day:
– Meet at the Vineyard Schoolhouse off Cienega Rd and take McCray Rd up to Hector Heights Overlook as a warm up (this is pretty easy – most SUV’s/cars with 7 or 8 inches of clearance can make it).
– We can go down the same way (the easiest way), but people can also take more difficult routes down.
– Next, we will meet at the 4×4 obstacle course (also part of the Upper Ranch area).
– from here, people can head home or explore some other areas/trails with other group members (maybe Hudner Ranch, if it’s open).

Link to the Hollister Hills SVRA trail map (we will mostly be in the Upper Ranch area):…/hollisterhillsmap_upperranch…

Important Information:
– Hoping for good weather and relatively dry conditions (although a little mud can be fun).
– We can take different routes up/down based on the capability of your vehicle, but let’s plan to all meet at Hector Heights Overlook and at the 4×4 obstacle course.
– I recommend filling up with gas before we begin.
– Wear a mask and practice social distancing.
– Be respectful of other drivers and the environment.