Paid Membership

Bay Area Drivers Club is and will always be free. However, I will be starting to offer only 1 free drive per month. With a paid annual membership, you will gain access to an additional 2 drives per month (24 per year). The annual membership costs only $15 per year.

What you get with a paid membership:

  • Access to 2 highly organized/planned drives each month (24 per year).
    • I will alternate between North Bay, East Bay, and South Bay/Peninsula drives so that members all over the Bay Area can regularly attend these drives.
    • Most drives will be one day (usually a few hours), but I will be planning two-day rallies on occasion.
    • These drives will differ than regular free drives because of the increased level of effort I put into organization and into keeping the group together/ensuring that everyone reaches the midpoint(s) and the endpoint.

For the month of April, I will only have 1 paid member drive planned. Starting in May, I will begin planning 2 paid member drives each month.

Click on the link below to access the drive info for the upcoming paid-member drive on Sunday, 4/18:

Sunday, 4/18: North Bay Drive